Friday, January 26, 2007

Post-Interviews Post

I can't express how glad I am that I finished with interviews. Given that the whole process took up all my time for four or five months, each time, for three years running, I have now devoted about a year of my life just to applying/interviewing for internships. (I think that should already count as my internship year, darnit!) I shudder to think of how much money I've/we've spent on hotels, travel, food, and even clothes, over three years.

It's pretty funny: last year I wore a beautiful suit that TheLimey gave me for Christmas, I got up early before each interview and showered, put on makeup, curled my hair, shined my shoes, and so forth--and this was after days of hours of preparation for each interview.

This year, I wore my old black linty maternity pants with the suit jacket, forgot to even bring a necklace, had four weeks' worth of eyebrow growth, and was happy to get my teetth brushed. Preparation mostly consisted of printing out things from last year and reading the sites' websites. There were some things I had to do new, and time to do them was dearly won and planned for on weekends. Instead of cramming the site's info the hour before the interview, I was changing diapers and/or nursing up to the point where I had to leave (or shut the office door and answer the phone, in the case of phone interviews.) Priorities were, shall we say, somewhat different than last time.

I can imagine what next year will be like when I'm leaving for work and leaving my boys at home, but it'll probably be completely different from whatever I imagine. I plan to still nurse at some times (like maybe bedtime, for example), and I'll probably be expressing milk during the day for him to have the next day at lunch or whatever. I hope he's not terribly sad when I leave, but I think that Daddy being home with him will help a lot. We're not leaving him with someone unfamiliar, at an unfamiliar location.

Well, there went the nap--must go now!


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