Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Seven Months

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Last night I was up past 4 a.m., which is about 2.6 hours before I normally get up. Limelet was awake in the middle of the night for a relatively long time, too. I think this is due to a recent growth spurt on his part, but only indirectly.

See, he's been nursing a whole lot more lately, and I've been feeling absolutely ravenous. I ended up eating probably half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips yesterday evening as a result, not thinking of the caffeine involved.

In my pre-baby days, no amount of chocolate coud possibly have enough caffeine to affect me at all. But now that I never drink coffee, I think my tolerance is so low that even chocolate can affect me, at least in hujambous amounts like that. And of course he would get some of the effect, too, in nursing.

Other than that, things went quite well yesterday. I think that this three-month spate of teething may finally be dwindling down. All four of his front teeth are out and clear (the sound when he grits his teeth is horrible, but he seems to like doing it).

Lately I've been only walking him to sleep for about three minutes, and then as soon as he starts to close his eyes, I've been sitting down in the rocking chair. (This is basically an adaptation of the technique from that No-Cry Sleep Solution.) The first couple of times it woke him up and I had to go back to walking, but then he got used to it and continued going to sleep.

Yesterday I was having a very tired day, so when it was naptime I turned on the sleepy music (Music for Airports) and simply sat down in the rocker. Lo and behold, he nursed and fell asleep in the standard seven minutes! No need to put him in the sleepy sling or anything. It was great! Since then, he's been able to do this almost every time I've put him to sleep. Now it feels like I'm putting a little kid to sleep, not a baby. He's still been having a bit of trouble staying asleep in the evenings, but I wonder if that won't recede a bit now that those teeth are out.

I guess now that he's officially seven months, he won't be doing the super-early speaking thing that my sister and I did (I don't know about the others), as it's past that point already. He thinks that when I say Mama it's one of my silly jokes, and he laughs at it. However, he did start signing pretty dang early, to ask for upsies at five months. And then milk shortly thereafter. I'm not saying he doesn't conflate the two at times, but then they look kind of similar to me, too, and in his mind they may have closely related meanings.

He's also added poo (toilet), to his vocabulary, though every time he's used that sign we haven't believed him, until we opened the nappy. I don't know why we don't believe he's signing that. It just seems too sophisticated in both meaning and form, I guess. But clearly, he really is doing it, as he's now three for three.

He's now considering crawling, which might help with his frustration--or make it worse, as then we'll have to curb him from even more of the wonderful objects he wants to put in his mouth. His pre-crawling posture looks really darn cute, though.

Must get baby gates for stairs.

Though it appears his eyes will stay blue, unlike his parents' green eyes, I noticed they are much darker than his Daddy's eyes today when they were both facing the window. I still can't tell if he's going to be a redhead. There were two other boys at La Leche League the other day with much redder-looking hair than his.

Guess I'll find out eventually.


Blogger liz said...

Note: "could"!

But if I edit the post from Blogger, it makes the photo caption all wonky and microscopic.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How early did you talk? A friend of mine swears she said "See that bird?" at seven months and I said that was the craziest BS I ever heard. But hey, weirder things have happened. There's a 2.5-year-old in Niblet's little preschool class that can read.

6:33 PM  
Blogger liz said...

Allegedly I started with "Hello Baby" at five months, when my mother was leaving the room, as that's what she always said when she was coming in.

I took this info with a grain of salt, until the birth of my half-sister who is 13 years younger than me. Then I personally witnessed her speaking at six months.

Just "Mama" and "Dada," but it's clear that Limelet is not even close to doing those yet.

My sister had several more words by seven months though I don't remember them now, and she had just a whole little vocab by age one. I made a list at the time, and it filled a whole page of college-lined paper.

I know I had three-syllable words by age one. I think it's just a weird end of the developmental curve. I don't think that it made any difference in the sequence of development (i.e. I wasn't a child prodigy or anything!) I sure know I wasn't reading by age 2.5!

6:53 PM  
Blogger argotnaut said...

You weren't reading at 2.5? Slacker.

I never crawled; I was a roller.

And I had red hair at five months, but I don't know how long that lasted.

7:52 PM  

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