Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two More Teeth, and Hugs

Limelet now has two more little teeth stubs on the top, for a total of six (four up, two down.) For some reason I was surprised--I thought he'd have just two on top and bottom for a while. I don't know why I thought that.

He was especially chewy yesterday evening, and groungy and cranky this morning. I feel guilty because I was impatient with his grounging this morning. This teething often manifests as irritability, where he irritably just wants to grab everything. Probably so he can chew on it. Then he gets frustrated that he can't have whatever it is. When I say everything, I mean like cars, signposts, and parts of the bedframe, in addition to the kinds of things you'd think. I need to start assuming that when he's irritable, teeth are about to come through.

Did I mention how great it is that he's been going to sleep in the rocking chair? Because it's really, really great.

I forgot to mention that lately he's begun hugging us (sort of). It's so endearing. When one of us is carrying him, he sort of hunches forward and presses his face and shoulders against the carrier, usually in the neck. Though this evening he hugged my face for quite a long time. It was so cute. I didn't even say anything when he then grabbed my lips with his pinchy little fist.

I'm also so glad for the whole co-sleeping thing. I will tell you now that there is nothing like snuggling with a sleeping baby for comfort. By way of comparison, it's nicer than cats, dogs, rats, cousins, siblings, and boys. (I mean romantic-partner boys, not one's-own-children boys.)

He likes to prop his little hot feet up on my leg when he's sleeping. As he's grown, the feet have gradually gone farther and farther over my leg. When I'm putting him to sleep, I put socks on him with his jammies, but when I get into bed I take off the little socks and free his feet from the tight sock-tops. It's also so I can feel his soft little beignet feet wiggling as I fall asleep.


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"soft little beignet feet"

Best. Description. Ever.


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