Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Interactive Stuff & Links

Here's a neat device with which to find your best place to have a baby. Change the weighting of various factors to change the rankings. You can also look up your own city (assuming you live in a major metropolis). Portland looks pretty darn good, while Detroit looks abysmal. Anywhere on the west coast looks pretty good, in fact.

And don't forget the Name Voyager, which I'm sure I posted before. But it's just so cool. I think I would have still chosen the name we did, though I had no idea it had become so popular.

And for those who don't already know, or who lost the link, or whatever, all Limelet's photos get posted here on Flick'r from time to time. Don't I have a link on the sidebar? Guess not. Better do that sometime.

And finally, c'mon! Try listening to a robot reading this blog (links also still on sidebar). It's funny! Especially when it has to read the phrase, here comes your milkies, deet deet.


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