Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Surge Ahead

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I felt Limelet was on the cusp of one of those developmental surges. As indeed he was. So many things have once again changed so quickly, in some cases nearly overnight.

A week ago he was lying down most of the time he wasn't in arms, now he's often sitting up (mostly) unassisted and playing with his little bin of toys. It's so cute. And he's much less frustrated, because now he can be upright and see things even when he's not being carried, as well as reach out and grab the toys he wants instead of waiting for someone to figure out which one and give it to him.

He eats four little meals a day: breakfast, usually chicken and sweet potatoes; second breakfast, usually pintos and pumpkin; lunch, usually oatmeal with fruit; and dinner, usually beef with broccoli and oats. And he has begun having little drinks from his sippy cup at some meals--enriched rice milk or diluted apple juice. He carefully and concentratedly pinches his little crispy fruit puffs and eats them, though they often fall just as he gets one up to his mouth, poor little thing. The other day he actually asked (signed) for food a little while after rejecting the porridge. Guess he just wanted something else, because he was happy to eat.

It's easy to miss his signs unless I'm looking for them. His little hands are always active anyway, and it's not like he's terribly exact with the signs, so I was very happy to figure out that he meant "food." He was becoming frustrated at my denseness.

I'm working on moving his wake-up time to an hour earlier, just by 15 minutes a week, so that by the time I have to go to work, I can still have an hour in the morning with him to get him nursed and perhaps fed. If I say "it's two months until the internship starts" it sounds like a long time, but if I say "it's 8 weeks" then it's clear it's just around the corner.

I'm worried about the transition from me being primary caretaker during the day to Daddy. Not that he'll do anything wrong--he's a great caretaker--but just that Limelet is really attached to having me around all the time. We have to find some more time to have them do things on their own. I also am trying to consolidate the daytime nursing, as he's been such a grazer, casually nursing ten times a day. If we can consolidate it a little, then it will be easier for TheLimey to know when to give him milk, and less traumatic for Limelet.

I hear little sounds--must go try to extend his current nap!


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