Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jug Band

Limelet seems to have settled into a pattern again, finally. The pattern is that I can't get him up before 7 without crying (him) and we can't get him to go to sleep before 9:30 (us crying). At least it's a pattern. Funny, I realized that this has been his underlying sleep pattern since he was about six weeks old, but now it's stupid daylight savings, so it's technically "later" in the morning and night.

His favorite thing to play with lately is any plastic jug--laundry detergent, vinegar, milk, whatever. As long as it's large (and preferably brightly colored), he desperately wants it. There's a whole collection of these jugs by his little toy bin. Insert your own euphemistic joke here.

He's getting a bit too big for his little bébéPOD chair, so I got him a booster seat at the resale shop. Did I mention I love the resale shop for his stuff? Clothes, toys, baby gear--it's great. Anyway, it's so cute to see him sitting in his little chair like a big boy.

I'm packing away some of his earliest toys now, since he's getting to the stage in which he likes toys with which he can "do" something, like press buttons or manipulate parts. Aside from the jugs, that is. Today in the store we played with a toy that consisted of a circular ramp to roll a little plastic ball down. After I did it a few times, he started doing it himself, and laughed when it came out by his feet. I think it's the first time I've seen him so overtly use several objects together like that, and copying my actions to boot. So funny!

He also likes to pick (and in some cases eat) flowers. His favorite delicious flowers are the leek blossoms in our garden, which are quite surprisingly oniony and hot. I'm surprised he keeps eating them.

Then he has little tiny onion breath all morning, after he washes the flowers down with breastmilk, of course.


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