Saturday, July 14, 2007

No Real Update

I think of updates all the time in my head, but when I get my limited chance to write something down, I've usually forgotten them. Of course, I'll remember again later when I can't be online.

Limelet seems very close to crawling. He leans forward from sitting onto hands and knees, and he's desperate to get somewhere. Everywhere. He still tries to "fly" on his belly, but a lot of times he just rolls where he wants to go. He's also learned to scoot backwards on his behind on the kitchen floor.

Limelet and his dad both love the wooden blocks, for different reasons. They also both like the little pool, especially as it's been incredibly hot these past couple of weeks. However, only Limelet likes the noisy Explore 'n' Play toy I got him recently. I have to admit, Froggy Went a Courtin' has gotten permanently stuck in my head, too. I wish the volume was a bit lower, but that seems par for the course for kids' toys. Actually, I was thinking of the old Farmer See n Say when I was looking for it, but there's only the updated version now. I didn't even find that, for some reason. I originally looked under "See n Say", so that's probably why.

We went to our last LLL meeting at this location last week; hope we find another nice group.

While we have continued to keep regular get-up times, naptimes, and bedtimes, Limelet's sleep schedule is actually devolving now, such that he has a hard time staying asleep between 8 pm and 11 pm.

He looks so tired even by 6 or 6:30: circles under his eyes, glazed expression, etc. etc., but if I put him to sleep then, his body treats it as a third nap and he awakes 40 minutes later, thus taking the edge off his sleepiness and ensuring that he stays awake at least another 3 hours.

Whereas before if I kept him awake just until 7:30, he'd go to sleep and more or less sleep through (albeit with some help), this pattern seems to have dissolved in the past few weeks. Now he wakes up some time after 8 and can't get back to sleep, until at least 9:30, usually 10:30 and sometimes after 11, no matter when he initially fell asleep. Sometimes we just go out for a walk in the evening with him in the stroller when he can't sleep. It may not get him to sleep (and so far it hasn't) but at least we all get out of the house and its cargo of non-sleeping vibes.

Sometimes I think he's still trying to take three naps, though I've kept it to two.

These days I absolutely must take his second nap with him, or I am an absolute wreck due to lack of sleep. I'm usually knackered by 6 pm anyway, even if I do take his nap. It's really hard to get up in the morning to get him up, which only makes the whole darn cycle worse.

Have I mentioned how nice it is to take a nursey-nap? It really is the most comfortable, pleasant activity ever. The closest thing I can think of is it's like sleeping in a warm bath. Apart from the obvious aspect of snuggling, it must be the hormones. ("Nursie" = body part, or the activity, or the milk itself, but I just have to spell it "nursey-nap" for some reason.)

Limelet's not feeling too well today, as he wasn't yesterday. Could be teething again / still--there's no fever or any specific illness symptoms. But he seems to have been teething forever! And no more teeth have come through in a long while. I wish they would. He's really miserable today.


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