Friday, February 08, 2008

Email Blog Entry About Toys

One of those entries excerpted outright from an email.
Limelet is happy and has plenty of toys, though we do our best to keep them weeded out.  He does like those little cars and has a little plastic spiral ramp that they can drive down (some of the models anyway).  Though potentially the wheels could be a hazard he has not shown any interest in biting them off so far, so he is allowed to play with them. 
I have tried him on crayons, which he loves---a little too much.  He draws a few lines and then bites chunks off each crayon, which is probably not the best use for them, right?  Lately his favorite thing to play with has been a very small saucepan from the kitchen, with an onion ("neyno") in it.  A real one.  He has little toy wooden spices that he can shake into the pan like he's cooking, and he stirs or rolls the neyno around and around in the pan.  He also loves toilet paper rolls--full ones, from which he can unroll all the paper to cover the living room floor. Please don't get him any more toilet paper, however.
Oh, which made me think of one thing that he really loves and doesn't have that's very simple! At the library playgroup, reportedly they had two sticks with floaty ribbons attached to them so when you wave the sticks around the ribbons follow in twirly fashion.  Now he tries to do that with any ribbon-like thing he can find (including toilet paper of course.)
So--now it's the end of the day and I must head home; I did a hospitalization for a student today and it was quite draining and took all afternoon.  Luckily for me TheLimey went to Boston Market and gathered some food like the good husband he is.
[Limelet loved it, too.]


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