Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Almost 18 Months

More of a news roundup than an essay.

Limelet has lately begun "using his words" (as they say) a lot more, both spoken and sign. "No" is one that he manages to do really cutely, and it's been easy to see the progression of head-shaking from turning his face away from unwanted food to general nay-saying.

He does seem to be picking up the odd word in one go lately, but it hasn't taken off like crazy. He realized that he could say "up" the other day, for example (well, he says it without the "p", but he's trying) and that it would make me stand up. He crawls onto my lap and grabs my shoulders and tells me to get up, because he's bored by being near the floor. Also, there are more cool things to grab and manipulate above the three-foot mark...which is for a reason. It's all stuff we're trying to keep out of his reach.

He draws in the bath with his washable crayons, and has reduced his eating of them. He draws pretty good circular figures now ("around and around"), but I can't tell which is his dominant hand yet. He ALWAYS kicks left-footed, however, which makes TheLimey pretty happy. (Apparently a left-footed kicker is always in demand.)

Limelet has occasionally had some eczema in the past, but not to the point where some Noxzema wouldn't get rid of it in a few days (and I tried a bunch of stuff, including olive oil, and dietary changes.) But in the past week he started getting some really bad patches, including one on his leg that got pretty raw from scratching. Luckily, we had a doctor visit set up for yesterday anyway. Now he has been prescribed cortisone cream (2% solution, and diluted with equal parts Eucerin cream.) It seems to be helping, which I'm not too surprised about since cortisone is an anti-inflammatory agent. However, I was hoping to avoid cortisone anything--though it's better than his leg becoming infected, which was a risk with how badly raw it had become. (And I thought it was pretty odd that the doctor declared the zinc-oxide cream I'd been using--mainly as a barrier--as being "too strong", but then prescribed cortisone.)

Limelet has gone directly to wearing size 3T, which theoretically is a size for three-year-olds. Or maybe it's just "toddlers' size 3." His 80c hiking boots still fit him, but they won't for too long. I went back to the second-hand store and found another pair of boots that are a little bigger for $2. They look kinda like Docs. (I'm sure TheLimey will want him to have little braces and a bowler any minute now.)

Still working on getting his vaccinations done gradually, so that he can enter day care next summer. I am of mixed emotions about that. I would like to stay home with him at least half time, and it seems like being away from parental care for 40 hours a week (plus drive-time, I'm sure) is an awful lot for a little tyke. Yes, I know plenty of people do it, but people do all kinds of things that I don't agree with. One of the sites I recently applied to advertised "convenient on-site day care", so I was pretty excited about that one. But haven't heard back from them--they're probably looking for someone more experienced (heck, maybe even licensed).

Winter has been especially hard on both TheLimey and Limelet lately. They are often trapped in that tiny, tiny apartment all day since it's been so bitter bitter cold. There are indoor activities they go to on some days, like the library playgroups, but if either of them is sick, or something else happens to throw off the daily schedule, then there goes that day's possible outlet. Of course going out like that requires an entire morning's preparation for an hour's activity, too.

So we are all impatient for spring, though Limelet doesn't know that's what he's impatient for. He just wants to be outside. He will play at making footprints in the snow until his fingers are numb and his face is beet-red, if it's left up to him.

He still plays with his Matchbox cars daily. They are his most constant entertainment. I also found at the second-hand store a device that apparently blows ping-pong balls out and rolls them down a swirly ramp, only to be sucked up and blown out again. We need to get some batteries and ping-pong balls to try it out. Meanwhile, Limelet stuffs it full of Matchbox cars and then demands that it be emptied out so he can drop them in again.

Several of the Fuzzi Bunz diapers became destroyed (plastic came unbonded with the fabric, and some elastics denatured) by the super-hot dryers. Ideally, they are line-dried, or at least dried on low heat in the dryer. But we can't really have a clothesline here, and the dryers have limited settings: basically scorching or air fluff, and we've been using scorching. Now we have to go to air fluff; hope it doesn't take all day!

Limelet is becoming a regular little boy instead of a baby, but he's still my little baby. Weird: when he's 30, we'll be about 70!


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