Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Kid

Limelet lost his container fetish at some point in the past couple of months.  I'm not sure exactly when it was, but he isn't that interested any more.  Well, okay, sometimes he's interested in containers, if they're full of something, preferably something dangerous.
He's starting to put two words together--both in sign and spoken language--to form little sentences.  Moh, neh-neh, he says, requesting to continue nursing, while signing the words too.  You'll notice he doesn't say more but moh--I think this is actually an accent and not an omission.  He no longer says bah for ball--he says boll.  Like weevil.  Or like a kid with an English daddy.  It's cute. 
He no longer says no nooo! when he means oh no--just today I noticed he started saying oh nooo! instead.  And he waves hi (but doesn't say it) in addition to bah.  He's started mimicking actions and signs on the first go, and often tries to do so with words, too.  He really likes the sound of one two three, but can't really pronounce it yet.
He imitates anything that makes a noise, from the ducks at the door to the air vent in the back yard to the signal beep of the construction trucks.  I think I got him started on that, probably by constantly imitating things that made noises.  And he often imitates the sounds of older kids shouting to one another, but in a gibberish way.


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