Sunday, June 29, 2008


As we are moving out of state soon, we are trying to see people we probably won't see again for a long time. We recently visited a couple who have four small children (3-7 or so.) The youngest are twins who are perhaps a year older than Limelet.
The whole thing made me feel very inadequate, because I have one small child and I barely manage to shower every other day, our apartment is usually a pit, and we don't ever cook anymore (cooking in our place is basically like cooking in a bathroom). This couple's house was clean, the mother was wearing nice summery clothes that looked new (and makeup!), and they made lunch for all of us. The kids didn't constantly destroy the house but played with their toys and each other, they took their naps right on time, and the mother just seemed a whole lot saner than I feel.
Meanwhile, Limelet was too hyped up about all the goings-on to sleep in the car on the way there as we hoped (usually he sleeps exactly noon to 2pm); instead he slept for 20 minutes right about at 2pm as we were arriving. So the entire time we were there, he was cranky and sensitive and contrary and I spent the entire time holding him back from grabbing things that the kids who lived there inexplicably ignored (like baby-height CD collections and the family's cooking implements).
Luckily, with all those kids, there were also plenty of novel toys to distract him. But just as I feared, he slept really hard on the car ride home, which then became his nap for the day. Great, you'd think, except that it meant he awoke from his nap at 8pm and was awake until midnight on the dot.


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