Monday, July 28, 2008


You may have noticed, a while ago I posted some breastfeeding how-to video clips on YouTube.  I've gotten about ten bazillion annoying comments on them, which generally fall into two groups: "I am a creepy fet1sh1st, thanks for the pr*n," or "I am a product of a bre@st-fet1sh culture, hide those things, this is pr*n!"  I'm not sure which is more annoying.  But I keep the video clips up there, because every once in a while I get a message like this: 

Breastfeeding videos
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THESE VIDEOS... Im a new mommy, just 8 days old, and I have had excrutiating pain while breastfeeding. It was so bad that I abhored the momment when the baby woke up hungry, because it only meant more pain. Tonight me and my Mom started checking some pages on the web to see if there was any way to improve the pain. We saw the video and decided to try it...and I have never been happier. No pain whatsoever, now I look forward to breastfeeding my baby.

Thank you so much
[sender's name withheld to protect privacy]

I actually teared up when I read this, because I know how hard it is even when the breastfeeding is going okay.  But once that's established, it starts making everything else a little easier.


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