Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Leaps and Bounds

I can hardly even keep up with all the changes in Limelet during the past month or so.  He's exploding in a flurry of development.

He's talking up a storm these days, and immediately mimics everything he hears.  Not always understandable to others, but it's getting to be more so.  A few days ago he started pronouncing nursie as nursie instead of nehnie.  Well, he still says neh-neh for shorthand, but says nursie as the more formal version.  However, he does appear to have somewhat of his Daddy's accent for now, so it comes out as nuhsie.  

He also generated his first complex sentence the other day (if I remember my high-school grammar, which is doubtful).  Correct me if needed.  I hate not knowing. 

Anyway, we were out walking with Limelet in the stroller, and a motorcycle went past.  He reported motorbike.  I gave him a few squirrel peanuts, which he loves to shell and eat himself.  He tossed one on the sidewalk and exclaimed Bah-bah mobike eh peadut, linking those two disparate events and objects with an and.  I was ever so proud of him. He even says squirrel now (koi-oi-o).

Limelet had to go to Kindercare a few days a week for several weeks until a space opened up at the new, really cool daycare that is associated with the College and is only a couple blocks from home and work.  Poor thing has had so many transitions lately. He had diarrhea for several weeks around the time of moving, especially the week we were packing.  I think the tension and stress and unpredictability got to him.  He got over the worst of the transition to Kindercare just in time to be moved to the new daycare, but we really want him there.  It's a lot nicer, and way closer (walk a few blocks instead of drive five miles).  And because it's subsidized, it's even a bit cheaper.  I hope we can keep him there through kindergarten, as they are apparently developing kindergarten classes, too. I want some stability for him.

He seems greatly recovered from the move now.  He loves the new place and seems noticeably happier.  Possibly because his parents are happier, I don't doubt.  It's a million times easier to take care of him there, as there is space for him to play while one cooks or tidies up a bit.  He can walk out into the back yard and play with twigs, balls, or the neighbor's doggie.  Even the bathtub is bigger and easier to bathe him in!  I instituted a policy of us all simultaneously doing activities that we were having trouble getting him to do, such as brushing teeth or eating breakfast.  It has worked extremely well.  He appears to be very socially influenced (by us).

He's still obsessed with balls, especially basketball (ba-bawh).  He calls American footballs eggy-baw, because of the shape.

Certain odd things--words, phrases--have struck him as especially funny, mainly things in his videos (which he does watch maybe half an hour from time to time).  1. Bunny character talking while blowing dandelion fluff, "breakfast time - pffff; lunchtime - pffff; teatime - pffff; suppertime - pffff".  Especially the "teatime" part.   2. Arthur Aardvark begging for his puppy to be allowed in the house, "Please please please please please!" 3. Two mouse characters  saying to one another "Twelve?" "Twelve!".  He asks to see those segments over and over, and talks about them later.  I think they just strike his fancy as interesting or unexpected sounds.


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