Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Limelet's first ear infection.  I feel I've let him down somehow, because so far he's never had one. I know that being in day care increases likelihood of ear infection, as does lack of breastfeeding.  Guess he can't be 100% immune to everything.  I just hope this doesn't turn into a regular thing like you see with some kids.

But he's had this lingering cold-type thing (that TheLimey also has been having, lingeringly), and he was coughing so much that it made him throw up last week (and again last night).  The day care called me yesterday to tell me that he was running a fever and he was crying.  Luckily I had already seen my last client for the day, and was able to cancel my group.  Poor little thing was definitely not well.  He was better after some ibuprofen for his fever, but I called and got a clinic appointment for today anyway.  Poor little thing had no appetite for anything except yogurt, which he snarfed down like crazy.  It wasn't so fun when it was coming up again a few hours later, however.  He learned the word "throwup" pretty quickly.  

During his bath last night he told me "ear hurt" and "tummy hurt," and sure enough: threw up soon after, and was found to have an ear infection this morning.  I think his ear was really hurting him last night at a few points.  At any rate, he went to sleep okay initially but woke up soon after (to cough and throw up) and we went downstairs and let him watch cartoons on tape. (Lately a lot of Ratatouille, with fast-forwarding over any violence). We were up until about 1am.

TheLimey took today off (his brand-new job, no less) to stay home with Limelet and to take him to the clinic, which apparently went well.  I'm glad I made the appointment even though it seemed like something he'd probably get over with or without the doctor, because of the ear infection aspect.  I do have to believe that nursing him has at least reduced his chance of ear infections, and it certainly helps during.  If he is still doing poorly tonight/tomorrow, then I will probably work only in the morning and then stay home with him, so TheLimey can get back to his new job.


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