Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Love You, Tubes!

I haven't mentioned that Limelet has been taking (or asking for) non-squishy bedtime toys, such as his toy drill, the tube from the vacuum cleaner and an accompanying small green bouncy ball that just fits inside it, the radio-controlled car his Daddy got for Christmas, or the stickle-brick street sweeper, etc. This leads to a nursing situation that is less than comfortable for me in some cases (that drill is cold!) or just silly looking (snuggling a vacuum cleaner tube while sleepily nursing).  However, heaven forbid we turn off the lights and then discover we have to go get his drill, or whatever. Usually he'll settle for the drill.  But lately he's been waking up asking for the vacuum tube first thing in the morning.  He had a huge tantrum after Daddy put the actual vacuum away the other day, because that was his new favoritest toy ever.

Oh yeah, there's also a random funny anecdote.  Limelet has an Arthur video that shows library books opening up to disclose their contents, including (among many other things) a knight, various fish, cowboys on horses, and an unraveling mummy staggering out of a sarcophagus. I verbally labeled these items once when we were watching it.  Some time later, we watched it again and I asked him what the things were on the screen.  In reference to the mummy, he said, "Mama!"  Now every time he sees a mummy swathed in bandages in any image (comes up surprisingly often in kids' books) he points to it and gleefully exclaims "Mamaaaa!" I can't begin to imagine how he has rationalized this particular appearance of Mama.


Blogger SD said...

Oh my! my son is also absolutely taken by the vaccum cleaner these days. Coincidence.

10:27 AM  

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