Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Much!

I haven't blogged about Limelet in way too long; as usual because there is just too much going on with him to spend time blogging about it.  So, perhaps bullet points or highlights.

1. Counts mostly to ten, also heard to say "eighteen, nineteen, tenteen...".  Even heard him say "ninety-eight, hundred!" recently, which I guess I'm surprised they're already teaching him.
2. Sat on potty at daycare last Friday, all three times!  After vigorously refusing for months.  I've been priming him by nightly offering to let him sit on his potty after undressing for his bath, which he sometimes did momentarily. Last night he spent about 20 minutes on his potty at home, stuffing bits of toilet paper into it, which he thinks is the whole point.
3. Loves raw parsnips, as we discovered yesterday while making a vegetable stew. Turns out they are pretty good, actually.  I was letting him select veggie chunks from the tureen, and he discovered parsnips.
4. Will be undergoing night weaning as of next weekend, as Mummy is tired of 30-seconds nursings interrupting her sleep every two hours for nearly three years.  We'll be using Dr. Jay Gordon's technique, as I've never been able to quite implement the slow "unlatch before falling asleep" technique.  I'm not looking forward to it, but the AP parenting community on Yahoo recommend it.
5. Loved Christmas, and we didn't overdo it with presents.  I did make his box castle, which he learned immediately could be a refuge from bathtime.
6. Still obsessed with ducka beeps, in particular with street sweepers.  He compels us to make street sweepers out of stickle bricks (or bristle blocks, depending on which side of the Atlantic you're from).  I believe I started this with one street sweeper I made a few months back.  Those bricks fall apart constantly, leading to a constant cry of "uh-oh wheel!" And then we have to fix it.
7. I believe he may have finally produced his last milk tooth!!  He started at 4 months and has been teething at a rate of approximately one slow, sleep-interrupting, agonizing tooth per month.  I think that the 20th one erupted a couple weeks ago, though.  He's much less miserable.  We should have had stock in baby Motrin.
8. His face is developing around his eyes now, so he is starting to look more like Daddy (my eyes, Dad's face.) Before he looked more like me because his eyes were the least-amorphous part of his appearance.
9. Loves to "read" books, and will sit on the floor next to his "library" carefully examining his books (or ours; he likes chapter books, too).
10.  Is becoming very affectionate and will hug us while saying, "aaaawwwww!"  In the "oh-how-cute" tone of voice that we use with him.
11. Prefers salty to sweet snacks or foods.  I made rice pudding (the hearty kind, not the goopy kind). He opened his mouth for a taste, then immediately opened his mouth looking for a place to spit it out.  Thinking it might be a fluke, I tried again later, with the same results and a "why are you doing this to me?" expression.  Guess I'm the only rice pudding eater in the household.

I'm sure there's more, so I'll add to this later.


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