Friday, February 06, 2009

The Sicklies

Last couple weeks have been pretty hard.  We all fell ill last week with stomach bug of some kind or other.  Limelet threw up several days (but not a lot), was generally fussy and cranky  I held out until the weekend but then got it worse than either of them, had to take a day off work but taking care of Limelet.  (Not exactly a real day off, then.)  Limelet also got a cold or similar over the weekend, and then during the week started not being able to sleep at night.  We thought it was because he was so congested.

After several increasingly miserable nights of 3 spotty hours of sleep or so, we figured out that it was probably ear infection (perhaps from the cold, perhaps from the throwing up).  Doctor confirmed double ear infection; Limelet now on antibiotics and doing much better.  Also, the past two nights I slept sitting up in the living room chair while holding him up somewhat, so that he was actually able to sleep (ears hurt when he tries to lie down.)  That helped us all a great deal.  Poor little thing.  I was losing my mind and my temper by the third night awake.

Thank goodness our medical insurance was through my work and not TheLimey's.

Limelet loves Mary Poppins film (got VHS at 2nd-hand store for $1.99), has surprisingly little bad stuff for kids, and we've seen it about 20 times in the past week.  He likes the dance numbers, especially the one with all the sweeps on the roof.


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