Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fireman Lost

I haven't been able to stop being upset about this.  I think I'm more upset than Limelet.  We accidentally left his fireman outfit (jacket and helmet with moveable visor) at the park last night (9pm), and of course it was gone this morning when we went back (8am).  He loved that thing, even wanted us to bring it up to the bedroom so he could sleep with it nearby.  He would dress up in it and sit watching his fireman video, while holding his toy fire truck.  He wore it for hours every days lately.  He'd go in the back and spray water from the hose while wearing it.  He's been asking for it today, of course.  "Da fireman stuff?"  I've been avoiding letting him see that video.
I haven't been able to find a replacement set online anywhere.  This year's versions seem to be cheaper and flimsier (already).  The helmets have no visors, etc.  I got it from Rite Aid last year.
Who would take a little kid's stuff like that? I know that's a dumb question.  But I'm just so ticked off about it, and can't seem to let go of it. 
Especially since a few weeks ago when I found a pretty dang expensive hand-held video game I turned it in to public safety, even though Limelet loved it.  It wasn't ours! 
I went back today and put up some signs, though I'm sure nothing will come of that except probably dirty prank phone calls on my cell.
Stupid me losing stuff.  Stupid people taking stuff.


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