Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Yeah...It's Potty Time

Limelet has been peeing on the potty several times a day most days now and is usually dry overnight.  I was going to use that one-day method of potty training that uses positive reinforcement, but he's just grown into it himself before I got around to it.  The one thing I did do right was to scuttle his kid-potty and get a wide, stable footstool for use on the big-people potty.  He just did not want to use that little plastic one, especially since the potties at daycare are normal toilets (though a bit small).  He climbs right up and sits down.  It's very cute.  He even did a poop on the potty for Daddy last weekend, while I was napping.  Yay Limelet!
Basically, this means that when he ages out of diapers we'll be starting a whole new diaper cycle with the new one, for about a 6-year-long stint of diaper changing.


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