Friday, September 18, 2009

Now We Are Three

Limelet is three today!  We will do his birthday stuff tomorrow (balloon store, presents, cake) as it will be Saturday, but we did get cupcakes for his daycare class today.  It turns out that his little "best friend" in class has a birthday the day before his.
Limelet definitely speaks two languages now: English and American.  The other day I was in the kitchen with him and he told me he wanted to peel a buh-neah-nuh.   Then TheLimey walked in and Limelet told him he wanted to peel a buh-- he stopped himself-- a bih-nah-nah. He also sometimes drops his terminal r's on words and not at other times, depending who he's talking to.
After three weeks of trying the earlier bedtime of 9 or even 9:30, last night we gave up and went back to 10-ish.  If Limelet wasn't getting that bloody two-hour nap (and so late in the day!) at daycare, I'm certain we could do it.  But that nap just tips it. 
If he goes to bed even as early as 9:30, it's just too early--Limelet wakes after just one sleep cycle and then stays awake for 3-4 hours. That usually means he goes to sleep at 9-9:30, then wakes up at 1-2am, struggles  to go back to sleep for an hour, an hour and a half (he really tries--just can't close the deal), then he's simply broad awake until 5 am.  And therefore so am I.  It's exhausting It's also meant that TheLimey has had to go sleep in the office just to be able to get to work, because he can't be going to sleep at 5 am and getting up for work at 6.  It really ruins the entire day to for me and Limelet be up the entire night, and has a ripple effect into the next several days.  It messes with his daycare attendance, wioth my routine (such as it is), and everything.
It's maddening, because everything else about the daycare is really great.  Except that they're ruining our lives with this frikkin' naptime!


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