Thursday, September 03, 2009


Limelet seems to be undergoing a verbal development spurt.  This week.  He's suddenly started sounding a lot more grown-up in his speech, though I think some of the things he's yoinked from daycare "teachers," or us, or even videos.  But ya gotta start with something, right?  He says things that make us, his parents, look at one another in perplexity (Where did he get that phrase? We don't say it!
The other day we heard that he told another child "stop your tears."  ??!!  It has to be something his teacher says, as neither of us says that.  The daycare teacher told us about it with pride, as evidence of his growing confidence with other children.  Well, we don't want him to be downright mean!  I hope he wasn't too mean. 
He's also suddenly started asking "why?" about everything all of a sudden--I don't think he really knows what why means, but he gets that it evokes a response about whatever we're discussing.  And he says it with such feeling.  For example, TheLimey and I were discussing the tuna roll I had just made for dinner.  Limelet:  "Tuna roll?  Whyyyy?"  It was pretty hilarious.  Finally, the other day he spouted back something I've said occasionally for years without even thinking about it.  "Mama, I want da other nursie.  Dis one's tapped out."  I couldn't stop laughing.  My laughter made Limelet laugh while nursing, which was also funny.


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