Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's  been ages since I last blogged, and I don't even really have any pressing excuse.  It just seems to take forever to do all the endless lists of stuff that I've been saving up to do "when I'm done with my PhD."  And daily home maintenance takes forever, too, though you wouldn't know it to look at my house.
Anyway, we took Limelet to the Adventure Farm last weekend, which is the last weekend it's open for the season.  He loves it, especially the conveyor belts that feed the goats, the fuzzy chicks, the giant trampoline-pillow things, the fries, the water pumps, the...anyway.  We like it, too.  It's big enough to be interesting, but small enough not to be overwhelming.
Limelet is doing really well.  He actually likes daycare now, and yesterday when I dropped him off he smiled and blew me a kiss.  He's also become much more outgoing with others.  At the park the other day he asked a slightly bigger boy if he wanted to go down the slide together, and started a conversation about the giant slide at the Adventure Farm. 
We both have our (regular) flu shots now, which is good (Daddy still needs his).  Limelet asked the nurse if she was going to give him a shot--he was excited about it.  I tried to warn him that it might hurt, but he was still a little taken aback by the ouch.  Nevertheless he was very brave, and then at bathtime gave Daddy and me scores of "shots" and insisted that we say "ow" and otherwise act like it hurt. 
Guess it's a good thing I got him a doctor coat and kit awaiting for Christmas, although he still wears his firefighter outfit every. single. day.  At least now he wears the nice shiny and sturdy new one I got him instead of the flimsy, hole-ridden one with the buckles falling off that he'd been wearing for months.  It took Halloween to get him to wear the new one, but now he likes it.  Limelet's such a big boy now, not even very toddler-like anymore. He's moved on from using the term "ducka" to "construction vehicle," though I don't know exactly when that happened.
His mood has also been very good generally, and even his sleep isn't too bad since we gave up on trying to get him to sleep earlier than 10.  If it wasn't for that bloody late two-hour-long nap at daycare, we could do it, but it just won't work with that nap.  This means that we never have even the hope of an hour or two to ourselves.  However, it also means that he won't wake up for four hours in the middle of the night, and then have a screwed-up sleep schedule for three or four days, to be repeated ad infinitum.  We just all go to bed at 10 (we usually read after he sleeps, if only for a few minutes), and then all wake at 6:30 or 7:00.
His eating habits are as strange as ours. He loves sardines and cous cous, but doesn't particularly like peanut-butter sandwiches.  Figures.  The other day when I picked him up from daycare I brought him a hot homemade whole-wheat waffle and a sippy cup of herbal tea to have on the ride home.  He loved it.   He also always wants his own tea when we have ours, so I usually make him some decaf.


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