Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Limelet has become smitten with performing music of any kind.  His main musical idol is Raffi, and he uses a tennis racket to pretend he's playing along with the Raffi concert video.  He also does all the bows, dancing, and hand motions, as well as copying Raffi's banter with the audience.  Limelet played with a child-sized guitar at a party the other evening.  He was completely enchanted by it, and wept heartbrokenly about leaving it all the trip home.  We're getting him one for Christmas.  In an odd coincidence, we found a little toy drum set placed  out at the curb for trash on the way home.  He's been playing it with chopsticks, and of course wanted to take it to bed.  (For once I said no!)  He also has been playing his little keyboard (garage sale) and "playing" the microphone. 
I wonder which thing(s) he'll settle down to?


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