Monday, January 04, 2010

The Depths!

Yes, my need to find a social outlet has led me to new depths. I actually posted on the local Mensa Yahoo group site to ask if there were any parents of young children, in case they might want to arrange child-friendly activities together.

Of course, the first thing that happened was that a couple someones pounced and tried to recruit me to do some kind of program coordination for gifted children, or some dang thing. You know, I'm new in the area (practically speaking, anyway) and all I want is to have a dinner/playdate etc. with some other people who have children, too. I'm not looking to groom my poor kid into a genius--whatever that even means. Nor am I currently interested in focusing on the possibility of his potential giftedness. And that's not even what I asked for in the post!

Anybody who with little provocation immediately tells me their kid is seems like they're compensating for something or other. I just want Limelet to have friends and have fun! Oh, and us, too. (Although TheLimey has friends through work, of course, I don't know of any with young children.)

If Limelet does turn out to be "gifted," then we'll deal with that at such time as it becomes a meaningful issue. Right now I'm more concerned with social development and happiness. His and mine! His intelligence is being nurtured just fine, thank you very much.

I should have known. Well, I have other potential groups.


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