Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Year Leap & Veggie Mixture

The one-year mark does seem to have brought another developmental surge. 
Limelet has been experimenting with prepositions:  not the words, but the concepts themselves.  Inside, on top, out, under.  He is figuring out how to get the nursies out in the open, himself. What's really funny is when he lifted Daddy's shirt, craned his head down to peek under, and laughed.  Unfortunately I was not there to see this, but reportedly he was doing it repeatedly.  He also likes to take things out of containers and place them back in.
He now knows for sure what "bye-bye" means when I say it.  It's really hard to leave him in the morning.  Heck, it's hard to go take a shower as he wakes up and starts crying like his little heart will break.  In turn it's heart-wrenching for me.
In motor news, Limelet's been standing up lately on his own, apparently without noticing.  Especially if he's got something in his hands so he feels like he's hanging on to something.  I'd say today was his biggest real standing day so far.
We had lately gotten him back on a schedule with an 8:30 bedtime since it got cooler, but last week he seems to have begun teething again.  Of course.  Not nearly as bad as the entire 4 months to 9 months period, thank heavens.  However, we've had a couple nights of being awake from midnight to 4am and also nights of awaking every single hour.  That's tough when I've got to go to work, especially as this is NOT a slacking job in the slightest.  There is absolutely no chance for any slacking there or even legitimate napping.  Heck, I barely have time for lunch, but I do take that, as that is the only break time in my LIFE.
Teething seems to go with growth spurts (logically enough) so I guess he's growing, too.  He seems to fit 24-month size items better than 12-month ones, and I had to take back the toddler-size socks for kid-size ones.
I have now reduced pumping milk to lunchtimes.  I feel kind of sad about it even though pumping's been a pain, but Limelet seems fine, and happy with nursing dusk 'til dawn and weekends.  He's started drinking bovine milk during the day in addition to his diluted juice, enriched rice milk, and water.  Digestion seems fine, so he must not be allergic or lactose-intolerant.
Since his nutrients are increasingly coming from his solid food, I am making an effort to add more of a variety of veggies to his diet.  Yesterday I bought all kinds of veggies in season and today had TheLimey chop them up, as he is really good at chopping.  Then we steamed them all and I just now froze them in a couple ice trays.  Limelet had some of the mixture at dinner and glomped it right down.  Heck, I stole some and had it at dinner myself. It was darn good!
-baby-cut carrots: place in saucepan & cover with water.  simmer until semi-tenderish. top with expandable steamer.
-very small onion, sliced red cabbage, chopped sweet red pepper, diced summer squash, diced zucchini (courgette): add into steamer and replace lid
-diced green beans, chopped broccoli, minced celery: add next and replace lid with steamer that sits on top of saucepan, then lid.
-leaf spinach: clean & prep, place in pan-top steamer, replace lid.
when spinach is done, it's all done.
Take veggies and steamers out and empty into bowl.  Use potato masher to roughly chunk up cooked carrots still in saucepan.  add to bowl.
Add butter or butter-like substance and a trace of seasoned salt, toss all together.
Freeze in ice cube trays.
Use broth for something--it's very vitaminful, though dark purplish-grey.


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