Wednesday, December 06, 2006

11 Weeks & the Hair Fairy - a very TMI post

Did I mention that Limelet had already grown four inches by his last pediatrician visit? At least according to their highly unscientific measuring method that involves holding first his head, then his foot onto the paper covering the examination table, and making marks with a pencil.

I take back what I said about my hair not falling out. It's started falling out like crazy this past week or so...but that was kinda normal before I was pregnant anyway, at least after I went off birth control. I haven't seen those hairy drain devils after I showered for nearly a year now. It was nice! I guess this means my hormones are getting back to normal. Darnit! I liked having clear skin for no reason.

Now my hair is (or hairs are) starting to show up everywhere, and it's driving me nuts. It's like there's a hair fairy who drapes hairs all over everything in the house like Christmas tinsel. The worst part is that my hair gets all over Limelet, even when he's not grabbing handfuls of it for himself. Individual hairs get all twisted around each little grippy finger and toe, and inexplicably show up in his dirty nappies. (Not like they came out of him, but rather worked their way down into it from the outside.) I'm going to have to start braiding my hair to go to bed, or wearing a nightcap, 19-century style.

Another indication that my hormones are getting back to normal: apparently I've started my menstrual cycle again. Already. As I discovered when I went to the midwife yesterday. I couldn't believe it!

The number I keep remembering is 98%--if your baby is 100% breastfed (and doesn't use a binky much, or ever) then nursing is supposedly a 98% successful form of birth control for the first six months. We're not even at three months yet! I guess I did get my mother's highly fertile biochemistry after all, though I thought my advanced age would neutralize that a little bit.

I still think this was more of a "practice" cycle--it's certainly not like normal yet. Thank goodness. My body still feels beat-up enough as it is without that. And I'm not interested in eating any more frikkin' iron than I have to yet, due to, side effects.

I can't believe I got talked into trying a diaphragm. My midwife is from the '70s, though, so I'm not surprised she's big on them. Those '70s women are very straightforward and comfortable about discussing all kinds of messy sexual and physical things, bless their little hearts.

I've been on the pill for nearly 20 years, but you can't take the pill when you're nursing, because (obviously) it dries up your milk. I guess the diaphragm is the obvious alternative (in a monogamous hetero relationship, anyway). It's really awkward to learn to use, though. Apparently I did it right during the fitting, but it was hard for me to tell. It's supposed to become easy with practice.

I guess if I can become comfortable carrying my baby using a front-cross wrap--which is essentially origami with 18 feet of fabric and a baby--then I can manage a 4-inch piece of latex with a spring, huh? Although--I forgot to get the accompanying jelly when I dropped off the prescription, darnit. I'd rather pick it out it myself than send my husband, but it can't be helped unless I want to take the (good) car for the whole day and take the baby out in the cold, just for that one item. And I don't want to.

Incidentally, the midwife mentioned that the fabric I used for the baby wrap is the exact same fabric she used for her daughter's curtains.


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