Sunday, December 10, 2006

12 Weeks

I am way too excited about this, but Limelet is now old enough to be interested in toys. He tries really hard to make his hands contact them, especially the contrasty or brightly colored ones.

Today I got out the play mat that we purchased at a church sale. It has two stuffed crossbars that go from corner to corner and have little holes and clips from which to hang toys, and he lies on his back under them. I hear I'm supposed to dangle toys in front of him to get him to practice his motor skills, so I think that works perfectly.

In other news, it turns out he has a preference in slings and wraps. I spent a long time the other day trying to figure out why he was fussing about nursing, and finally tried putting him in his oldest sling. It worked immediately, and he nursed and went to sleep. From what I can tell by experimentation, he likes the wrap for walking around and for going to sleep, but he prefers the slings for nursing. However, his feet have to hang out or he gets upset.

Based on all this, we predict that he's going to be the kind of kid who screams when different kinds of food touch each other on the plate. Our plan is to always serve his food all mixed together from the beginning, so he never even gets the idea that food can be separate items.


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