Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This may be it, folks. This may be the way I can work and have a baby hanging around.

I purchased just a big, long, piece of cotton fabric (6 yards, blue with clouds) and have been using it as a baby wrap, wrapped like a Moby wrap. (Funny that they have to be prepackaged for people to use them--it's just a big piece of cloth!)

It's the most hands-free thing I've tried so far, and Limelet actually sleeps when he's carried. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but this could mean that I could wear him and work. I could almost do it with the sarong wrap, but it wasn't quite hands-free enough.

Nursing is simply not going to be hands-free until he gets a bit bigger and can grab the nursie for himself. Or else, until I develop tubular breasts that can be extended like gas nozzles. Whichever comes first. As it is, there is a limited area where the milk can be had, so his head pretty much has to be placed right there to eat. And the ideal carrying position is way too high for his mouth to reach the nursie, unless perhaps I hang him upside down.

This won't help when he's awake, as he can't tolerate his carrier to be sitting, but if he's sleeping it's fine. And he sleeps lots longer when carried, of course. (That's been the whole problem--he won't stay asleep when I put him down; only when carried.)


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