Friday, December 08, 2006

Nearly 12 Weeks

Limelet has really begun to figure out that his environment (including us) is interactive.

He has begun trying to grab (or flailing, as I call it) some of his brightly colored toys. He's so darn serious when doing it. It takes some fierce concentration to whack that jingle duckie!

The first speech sound that he's chosen to purposefully imitate is an obscure one. I don't know when we might have used it for anything, but he's pretty delighted about saying it. The sound is kind of like the "ch" in "challah," but voiced. Ghghhghghghg! He can sit there staring at us and trading "ghghgh" sounds for solid minutes. It makes him laugh and smile when someone else says it. I still have no idea what meaning he may attribute to it; perhaps it's nothing specific.

I also think he's right-handed, and am beginning to suspect some possible redheaded tendencies. He has that same color of brown that my redheaded cousins had before their proper red hair came in. (Or maybe we'll all laugh at this entry years from now as he combs back his raven mop.)


Blogger liz said...

I used "purposefully" instead of "purposely" on purpose. He does it with a real sense of purpose.

10:57 AM  

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