Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Poopfect Storm

Some breastfed babies go for long spells without pooping at all, and then have one big tempest of poop. The theory is that breastmilk is so digestible, there's just not much left over to come out very often. Limelet hasn't been one of these babies. He's been a pretty frequent pooper all along.

Until lately.

Recently he's started going for a couple days in between poops, and when he does, there's quite the diaperfull. And as TheLimey pointed out, he seems to be peeing a lot more instead. I think that the liquid that would have come out in the poop is being peed out instead. My theory is that his digestive system is beginning to mature, and is getting more efficient at digesting the milk.

It's been over two days, so now I'm awaiting the next poopicane. Probably tomorrow. Happy New Year!


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