Sunday, December 31, 2006

Three and 1/2 Months

Limelet has been practicing grabbing things the past few weeks, and his aim is improving. He's started playing attention to his hands and feet wiggling, too. Yesterday he even played wonderingly with my hair for a while.

However, he reacts to its touching his face with the same gasping and squinting (mammalian diving reflex) as he would to the wind blowing on him. I guess they feel very similar to him. Since anything he grabs goes straight into his mouth, this makes playing with my hair a very dicey activity for him. His stuffed bear, Iorek, is much easier prey. (Especially with that attractive leathery nose!)

Limelet has also been very earnestly "talking" lately, and has added squealing to his vocabulary. He tries to "talk" before he resorts to crying. Usually the only things he gets upset about are being set down and getting hungry, neither of which happen very often. However, he still has those nightmares during which he emits that pitiful tiny "mousie-howling." Sometimes then he even wakes up crying, which turns into an actual cry, until a few moments later when he gets his bearings.

When he realizes he's awake and we're there with him, he always becomes so happy and excited. I love his little toothless grins. He also has begun laughing a lot lately, especially with Daddy. (Of course.) He's even begun to enjoy some roughhousing games like "airplane" now that he can hold up his head. He still likes the raspberry noise best as a joke, but he laughs at some other sounds, too, like a high-pitched "oo-oo." (The little monkey.)

There will be parent-baby swimming lessons held at the nearby high school beginning this March, just as he turns old enough to enroll. Signup begins Wednesday, so I hope I remember to do it in between all this interview business. I think it will be a blast and he'll really like it. I don't know how he'll take water that isn't bath temp, though. I have to get him some swim diapers. Hee.

I take back what I said about not losing my hair. It's begun coming out in wads when I take a shower--the drain looks like I'm on chemo. Hairnadoes whirl on the floor no matter how I try to keep my hair tied up and controlled. It's a good thing I already knew about that, or I'd think there was something wrong with me.

I think I've probably lost a little more of the pregnancy weight, though we don't have a scale so I don't know for sure. I found my pre-preg jeans and have been able to wear them, but just barely. Thank goodness for stretch denim!

We had a trauma yesterday for both TheLimey and his Limelet. Daddy was going to put Limelet in the front carrier, and lifted him up in the air in an airplane swoop as he did so--forgetting that he was standing under the part of the livingroom where there's a low ceiling overhang. I have nearly done this myself a couple of times while taking Limelet out of his wrap in the exact same spot--for some reason it's unexpectedly low there even when you're looking out for it. I'm sure you're already wincing as you guess the result.

Poor little Limelet--except for that stupid heel-prick test thing, he hasn't experienced much pain yet. This klonk on the head was a really big shock to him. And it was quite a klonk, too. I've never heard him cry like that before. Daddy flipped out too, because he really believed he'd broken our baby. Having experienced younger siblings, I felt terrible for the klonked baby and his pain, but didn't think he was actually damaged. At worst, a concussion--not great, but definitely recoverable. Whereas his father imagined that he'd crushed his skull and squashed his little brain forever or something.

I held the poor squalling baby close and channeled TheLimey's terror into calling the pediatrician's weekend emergency line in lieu of the ambulance that would certainly have otherwise been called. Actually, Limelet recovered from the klonk sooner than Daddy did--he (Limelet) stopped crying loudly within just a couple of minutes and then was willing to nurse for comfort, although he was still slightly sobbing with his mouth full.

The pediatrician basically confirmed my suspicion that Limelet was most likely okay. I had TheLimey tell her that Limelet was conscious and alert, his pupils were not dilated, and they were equal and reactive. She told us the usual symptoms of concussion to watch out for.

I've been giving him some baby Tylenol for a potential headache since then, as I know how that feels after a big bump. However, he's seemed fine since then, aside from more sleep-crying than usual in his subsequent nap. Both of them had a restless night, though, especially Daddy. I think he's still recovering.

I keep thinking of things I want to write in here, and now that I have the chance, I think I've forgotten most of them, of course. Well, hopefully later.


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