Tuesday, February 06, 2007

All Hmmmmm, No Ggghhhh

That's one of the sudden changes in Limelet.

His vocabulary changed overnight from gggghhhh and bvvvvvv to only hmmmmmm. All day long, hmmmm hmmmm hmmm. Since he uses it for everything, it's kinda hard to tell when he's distressed and when he's just chatting. I think sometimes he's not sure, himself. He doesn't seem to recognize what gggghhhh and bvvvvvv even mean any more!

He's been a bit teethe-y again the past couple of days, and also still desperate for our food. He has several kinds of teethers. However, his favorite thing to eat is rags. Wet rags. He goes nuts for 'em! It's both funny and pitiful. "I can't have that nice stew, but that's okay--I'll manage with this wet rag." He sits in his evening bath (he's just now too big to lie in it any longer, but he still has to be held up to sit in it) gnawing a wet rag, and heaven forbid anyone should try to take it away.

His sleep pattern (and he has one, after all) seems to be to awaken about 7:30, asleep about 8:30 pm, and four daily naps in between. They are at approximately 9:30, 11:30, 1:30, and 4:00. Unfortunately, it often takes him half an hour to fall asleep, and then he may sleep for any random amount of time--could be 5 minutes or could be an hour. Some rare days even two hours, but only if I'm wearing him while he's sleeping.

When he gets sleepy, he hmmmmms for his stuffed bear, then hugs it hard and and bites it when I tuck it into the wrap with him. Sometimes this is all he needs to fall right asleep. Boy, am I glad I got that thing associated with sleepytime and nursie time! He's also started doing a hug-like action with us the past few days.

He seems to recognize the sign for up at this point. I have to start doing the other early ones more regularly, too: milk, more, and eat. Not that eat will mean anything to him yet.

I've been trying him out in his bouncy seat every couple of weeks and he's been too small to hold up his head and torso at the same time. But I tried it again last weekend, and now he can sit up in it, although he needs to have his stuffed bear stuffed into the seat in front of him. And he can't be left alone in it, of course--I have to hold onto it the whole time. Nevertheless, he likes swooshing and bouncing in it, and laughs like crazy.

His other favorite thing to laugh about is when we have pre-bath dance time in the kitchen. I may have written about it already, but it's so darn funny. He laughs especially hard if the person who is not carrying him holds his hand, and bobs up and down opposite his downs and ups. We've got to get that on videotape soon--I do have a tripod, so it could be done.

Last night I dreamed that TheLimey and I got him a toy while hosteling in Europe (it was a dream, after all): it was a squirrel with an electronic plastic saxophone that had keys like a piano.


Blogger argotnaut said...

^ Stupid spammers!

A couple of weeks ago, I dreamt that I had to babysit for you, but he looked like ... a packet of ketchup. "How am I supposed to know if something's wrong when he looks like A PACKET OF KETCHUP?!?!?! I can't even tell if he's alive!!!" But he got larger and more babylike, and the task turned to cleaning up barf, pee, and poop, and reassembling parts of his body that were falling off.

8:14 AM  
Blogger liz said...

I guess he is a packet of ketchup, in movie-symbol terms. Those tasks are not too unrealistic, except that unlike like alien-baby-Maggie he hasn't yet lost his baby legs. But I do have to keep him from "falling apart" a lot.

8:59 AM  

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