Friday, February 09, 2007


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I think Limelet's temperament changes are something to do with appetite, at least partly. Just as the pediatrician predicted, he's stopped "sleeping through."

Lately he's been nursing frequently during the night again. Like, the entire night. I sleep through most of it, but he starts fussing in his sleep every couple of hours, and I have to wake up and flip him over to the other side. Then he becomes peaceful and starts nursing again.

A couple of people have mentioned babies becoming calmer after they start on solid food, so I hope that will work for him. He needs a calmative! He's not screamy or anything, just agitated and "hmmmmm"y most of the day, especially as the day goes on and "especially especially" in the evening. I can't wait to give him some avocado, which is supposed to be a really good first food. (We will omit the lime juice, hot sauce, and bottle of Corona normally associated with it.)

He used to be calmed by his evening bath, but now he's just wild and fussy afterwards until I'm able to get my dry shirt on, his jammies on, and stuff him (with his bear) into the sleepy sling (the sweatpants wrap). Then he's finally content, for the most part, and eventually goes to sleep.

I'm starting to develop a weekely routine of sorts. (On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I shower.)

The day goes like this: first waking, dress baby, dress Mummy, eat breakfast. Which is hard, because he wants to eat my breakfast, too. (I don't like to eat in front of him and tease him with food, but when else can I eat?) Then a baby nap of some duration.

Second waking, Mummy showers, with Limelet sitting in his little swing in the bathroom. Baby nap of some duration. (Monday I actually had an HOUR--I actually worked on my dissertation, which I don't know if that's happened spontaneously since he was BORN.)

Third waking, yoga, or as much of the routine as he'll tolerate. He doesn't have the patience of the baby on the DVD. Then lunch for Mummy, although it's often 2:30 or 3 by then. Then if possible, some basic tidying while carrying him around, maybe even start a simple dinner if he'll sit in his BebePod on the counter. There might be another nap in there at some point.

Then TheLimey comes home, and it's time for a quick bite, the baby bath, and the bedtime routine. That's it--the whole day. I think I spend most of it facilitating his naps. There's also a lot of baby laundry thrown in there, and changing nappies and so forth.


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