Saturday, April 14, 2007

Insane Baby Singing

I may have mentioned that I sing (usually adapted) silly baby songs around the house. Here's what they are.

When he wakes up in the morning, I sing a version of a song that I think is from Singin' in the Rain. It goes like this:

Good morning, good morning
You nursed the whole night through
Good morning, good morning
My little babyboo
Good morning, good morning
Good morning to you!

That one always gets the big smiles. And then as we head downstairs, I sing about that, with apologies to Petula Clark.

When you're a baby and you wake in the morning
Well you want to go / downstairs
When you awaken and your parents are snoring
Well you want to go /downstairs
Just listen to the clatter of the dishes when we hurry
Baby's nighttime wakings never make your Daddy worry
'Cause he didn't hear
You know we've got toys down there
You can look out of the window
And see what's out there/ when we're
There's lots of lights down there
We don't spend nights down there
Morning is waiting for you

There's the song for going out to the laundry room, which is next door (you'll be sure to figure out what this tune is without my help):

Let's go out to the laundry
Let's go out to the laundry
Let's go out to the laundry
And wash ourselves some clothes

(I can't help but picture Mr. Burns singing this. If you, too, know what I mean by that, you've also seen too many episodes of the Simpsons.)

When I'm pretty sure that there's something waiting in the nappy, I sing this old standard:

Ta ra ra boom-de-ay
I think there's poo today
So let's just see what's there
Inside your underwear

Finally, there's the little song I sing when he's nursing and my milk is letting down. If his attention wanders and I sing this, he quickly zaps back to the nursie to get the milk, so he knows what it means.

You know that little intro to the Green Acres theme song? I thought you might.

Here comes your milkies, deet deet!
Here comes your milkies, deet deet!
Here comes your milkies
Here comes your milkies
Here comes your milkies
Deet deet!

I didn't really plan to sing any of these things--they just ended up fitting some tune I knew. That last one is so insidious, that it's hard not to sing it at other times, but I don't want to raise his expectations if there's no milk forthcoming, you know.

In fact, it's so insidious that TheLimey has admitted to finding himself singing it tonight while he was cooking dinner. Poor guy. He really is becoming as insane as I am.


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