Thursday, March 29, 2007


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I'm writing this on my PDA while keeping Limelet asleep by being in bed. It takes a lot to wake him if I'm here, but the slightest thing will wake him if I'm not.

He gave me quite the chomp earlier when he fell asleep nursing. Somehow even my yelp of pain failed to wake him up. Luckily so, because it's been hard to get him to sleep lately. Last night bedtime started at 6:30 and didn't end until 10:40. But I think generally his sleep cycle is returning to what it was over a month ago before all this solid-food craving and teething began. Or was it two months? Seems like years ago! Come to think of it, it was shortly after his 4-month checkup, because the pediatrician predicted upcoming sleep problems, and she was right.

It's hard(er) to do anything online anymore. I can't nurse at the keyboard like when he was tiny, and he sure won't tolerate me being on the computer (or even in the office) for more than 3 minutes when he's awake, and the 12 precious minutes of naptime I usually use for eating or going to the bathroom or even napping.

The poor critter has a cold this week--his first big immune system workout! I had been putting garlic oil in his ears at the suggestion of the pedi. She said they looked a bit irritated. Soon after that, he came down with this cold, so I bet that was the cause of the ear thing. But then, all babies get ear infections these days. Not like in my day! Anyway, garlic-ears makes for a stinky bed partner.

Mr. Garlic Ears started his swim class last weekend. I was worried about him being scared or disliking the cold water, but he loved it.

[Note: It took me an hour to write all the preceding in the dark holding my PDA up over my head to see it, but now I'm actually online for a minute or so, so I'll finish it up here where it's easier.]

So anyway, he loves the pool, but the class leader wanted the babies to blow bubbles in the water, which Jack is of course way too small to do. He just got water up his nose and cried. No more of that nonsense, says Mummy. I just want him to have fun paddling and chasing his floaty toy and looking at the other babies.

We also went to the park the other day as it was very warm. He loved seeing the other kids run around and play. He also loves going on the swing with me; it makes him laugh.

He just likes being outside generally now that he's tried it. Sometimes when I take him outside at home for a minute, he gets really frustrated and angry when we go back inside.

Well, I don't want to press my luck, so I better stop here.


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