Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sleepies 2

Sleepies 2
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Nothing is nicer than snuggling a baby.

I read that in infant/mother sleeping dyad studies, the baby faces the mother 95% of the time or something like that. Until recently, Limelet has always faced me in his sleep.

Lately he's been okay with turning over after he's done nursing, however. It makes sleeping a bit easier, because he can turn himself to a comfortable position now without waiting for me to turn us both over as a unit.

Yesterday he desperately wanted to catch snowflakes, but didn't like the accompanying wind. I did some baking, and now that he's older I find he's afraid of the electric mixer (he was okay with it at Christmastime).

I had to do it in small stages, and turn him so I could wear him facing inward again. Oh, and distract him with a nice wooden spoon with some traces of butter and sugar on it.

I know, I know! No dairy yet, and definitely no sugar. But boy, was he happy about that spoon.

I'm a bad, bad mother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what age those studies go up to? Niblet faced me most of the time when she was still nursing several times a night. Now, on the occasion when we sleep together, she will face me to nurse then turn over on her stomach when she's done. She likes to sleep with her legs tucked under her and her butt up in the air. But then, she's hardly an infant anymore.

5:45 PM  
Blogger liz said...

You'd think I'd remember, but I don't. I do have the mental image of small infants when I think of the study, however.

It's so funny when they sleep like that. I had a friend who did that all through grade school. I wonder if she ever quit?

7:55 PM  

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