Monday, April 09, 2007


Discovered why Limelet was so groungy today...he got his upper incisors! No wonder he didn't want me to put him down for the entire day.

He's one of those babies that teethe for months and months, apparently. So far, four months to nearly seven months. I think it's disrupted some of my efforts at sleep hygiene.

I admit I'm a little scared of the biting factor in nursing, especially now that he's got 'em upstairs and down. Ouchie. Luckily he mainly likes to teethe on hard things (like the potato masher, frozen applesauce, a pen, wooden furniture, etc.) and the nursies are very soft and squishy, hence unsatisfying.

So he normally doesn't bite much--when he's awake. When he's falling asleep, it's another story. I guess he does actually control it after all, since the control leaves in his sleep.

I normally don't give him a binky and he's normally not interested in one, but he'll take one when Dad's putting him to sleep. I think I may give him one after he falls asleep nursing (though he'll still wake up to nurse at night a few times.) I've heard some nursing stories about sleepy biting--not pretty.

However, the little teethies are very cute, if you can disregard the ouch factor.


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