Saturday, April 14, 2007

Teething, Swimming, Weather, and Holidays

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I think I mentioned that last week Limelet's swimming class was cancelled due to the Easter weekend, which in retrospect makes sense. However, I didn't think of it until we spent the morning getting ready (really, it takes an entiremorning, although the swimming itself lasts exactly 30 minutes) and then I found the parking lot completely empty when we got there.

This week he's been particularly cranky (this kid's been teething for three months now!) but getting outside seems to help (see photo). Too bad the weather's been so freakishly cold again so we've been trapped indoors nearly every day!

TheLimey and I changed our weekend baby watching plans, given that my dissertation is getting pretty urgent, and half-days have just not been cutting it. Too fragmented (especially for me, as I frequently have to stop midstream to nurse or consult or console or whatever), sense of urgency means no time for lunch/bathroom, etc. I've hardly been getting anything done, and I've been feeling more and more panicked about it as each week passes and then each month.

So we tried each taking a whole weekend day, which actually worked well for both of us (work-wise, anyway). And then to try to get my diss moving, we then decided that for a couple of weekends, I'll get both Saturday and Sunday to work while he watches Limelet, and see how it goes. Maybe I can actually get a draft done.

...Then I remembered that Saturday mornings are baby swimming. We've only been able to go to that first one so far, which he loved, and I have been looking forward to it myself for so long. I felt like he really needed it this weekend to help counteract how ucky he's been feeling. He needs something fun and exciting, and to get out of the house/baby prison! If I have to sacrifice a partial day of work for something, it would be this.

So I planned, once again, to get him up extra-early (6:30) so that his first nap would fall before we had to leave.

Unfortunately, in his tossings, flippings, and nursings last night, I awoke around 4:30 and then inexplicably couldn't get back to sleep until about 6:00. So I was pretty darn tired at 6:30. Nevertheless, I was determined to make this swimming thing work this time, so I kindly and slowly woke him up.

My plan was to share his second nap when we got back (to make up for the lost sleep), and then get to work. We had nursie-breakfast, and solid-food breakfast, and then as planned he fell asleep earlier for his first nap. I blessedly grabbed a shower, donned my suit, put my hair up, and packed his diaper bag.

When he awoke I nursed him again, got him dressed in his swim diaper, had TheLimey start the car (it's still so blanged freezing that we need to pre-heat it before I want to put the baby in his car seat), got our towels and water bottle, put on our coats and hats and etc., and packed it all into the car. Whew!

I drove to the high school, where I saw...

...a completely empty parking lot AGAIN. %$@*&!!

No doubt if he had not been sick the second week, I would have known about all these cancelled classes. Meanwhile, I was a tired and cranky Mummy, I tell you what. Even the schedule book listed only "April 11" (a wednesday) as a day when the class would not be held.

If I had known there was going to be no class, we could have slept until, oh, probably 7:30 or so, AND I could have gotten a full day of work in, instead of yet another partial, fragmented day in which I felt like I got almost nothing accomplished. So as you can see, I still feel pretty cranky about it.

However, I'm so desperate for recreation that now I'm up late writing this post instead of sleeping.

And I really wanted to take him in the water again, because he had so much fun with it that one time we got to go. I mean, water other than the bathtub, although he liked that well enough. Until he started wanting to play with my feet again, but that's another post.


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