Monday, October 22, 2007

Limelet Being Babysat!

Yes, right this minute! 
He has been so sociable (and social) lately now that he's had the opportunity to be around people on a regular basis, so we are beginning to get him accustomed to having someone else look after him once in a while.  That's right, he's never had a babysitter before today.  No one has taken care of him but us two for his entire life, but that can't go on indefinitely.
There's a South African lady upstairs from us who always offers to watch Limelet.  So today TheLimey took Limelet up there as he arranged last week. Apparently, the whole family is up there playing Legos with him (big Legos for babies), and the idea is to let him stay there for an hour and see how he does.  I hope it goes well.  It would be so nice for us to have dinner alone together one evening, or something.  Anything, really.
Also, I had a meeting cancelled this morning, so I sat down and planned out his vaccinations as I've been trying to do for about 6 weeks now (that is, my own staggered vaccination schedule, not the standard one).  I'm not very happy about the Hep b vaccination, though.  I haven't plugged it into the schedule yet.  We'll see if it'll be feasible to do one vax a month instead of, say, five at a time, as a colleague's baby just experienced.
So Limelet's on his way to being able to enter mainstream American child society!  If we don't completely ruin it for him by being way too geeky, that is.


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