Thursday, November 01, 2007

Big Boy

Limelet has been undergoing a lot of developmental leaps in the month since he turned one.

He was having a dickens of a time sleeping for a while last week, which was very hard for me (sleep three hours and then be gone at work for 11 hours!); I suspected he was teething again. Drooling a lot, biting me in his sleep, gums thickened (like teeth were inside them, instead of just being a thin ridge), constant sleep waking that was alleviated only on nights when I gave him Motrin...all circumstantial, but telling. TheLimey bemoaned the lack of any visible teeth as reward for all this upheaval.

But last weekend, I was finally able to see the points of two top molars back there in his little gums (when I leaned him upside down and made him laugh). And the next day, TheLimey saw two more teeth on the bottom gums. So I guess that means he has 12 teeth now. More are still coming through; perhaps he'll be done by the time he's 18 months! (Arbitrarily chosen age.)

When his teeth are noticeably growing, he's always been going through a growth spurt in general (teeth being just a part of his growing body, of course) so he's outgrowing some of his clothes. He's now wearing size 2T (or 24 months), and some of that is pretty close-fitting on him. People comment on his tallness all the time.

He's also mimicking our speech like crazy these days. He especially likes to sing along with the familiar songs I sing for him (such as the "Limelet and Mama" song, which has only those two words and is sung to the tune of Old King Wenceslas), and also some Kate Bush. He says "mmmmgud" when he's eating something he likes, says "baba dadi" when Daddy goes somewhere, and of course "bowiss" or just "dhish" ("play with this" or "this") while making the "play with" sign at some forbidden item, such as the fire extinguisher. He's especially good with "B" words, such as "bathtime", "ball", and "book". He's also mastered "nonononono" which refers to anything he wants that he thinks he can't have.

He's been taking a few steps here and there lately--and of course creeping around the perimeter of the livingroom while leaning on the wall, table, or sofa--but hasn't been wanting to commit himself to actually walking outright. His first actual step (that I know about) was at the first birthday party of his little pal Justin--a big festive affair, since the first birthday is a big huge deal in Korean culture as I understand it. Justin was toddling all over the place when we were there, but Limelet maintained his crawling except for that one step.

Until yesterday, when he suddenly decided that if he was going to kick a ball around with Daddy, he would need to walk over to it. So apparently yesterday he spent a lot of the day walking around the livingroom, kicking the many balls littering the floor. I can't tell you how proud TheLimey is that he actually got to kick a football with his son. I had a feeling that the walking thing would be sudden, since he had all the skills and had been practicing them. Seemed like just a matter of feeling ready to let go and do it, and it was.

I took some Halloween pictures of him (the whole reason I bought a hunter-orange nappy in that last batch), but I haven't yet had a chance to download them.


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