Thursday, December 20, 2007

Progress Note

Limelet is daily individuating and maturing.  His abstract thought is clearly taking off lately.  While he still doesn't talk a whole lot, it turns out he understands a lot more than I suspected.
At bathtime, I started asking him where his body parts were, and he knew a lot more of them than I thought (which was 0-1).  So I started asking him where other things were out in the rest of the house, and he would run right over to the item in question.  "Where's your latches board?  Where's Peek-a-Boo (his favorite book)? Where's open-closed (pepper grinder with a lid)?"
And according to TheLimey, the other day he was in the bedroom putting away the baby clothes and Limelet wandered out the living room, then returned in a hurry, flustered.  TheLimey thought maybe something out there had scared him, and went out to investigate.  It turned out that I was in the process of leaving a message on the answering machine, which is audible in the living room, and Limelet heard my voice and wanted the phone.  He puts the phone (and now other objects) up to his ear, or sometimes to the back of his head. 
He also now "asks" us to play with his blocks, which means he wants us to build a structure for him to "kssshhhh!" (knock down).  In just the past few days he has started carefully building things with the blocks himself, and then knocking them down.  And just this morning, TheLimey found him "reading" to himself.  That is, he had his Peek-a-Boo board book, and was non-verbally imitating my intonation when I read it ("Peek-aaaa.... zoo?  Peek-aaaa.... choo-choo?"), including the ending flourish (Which goes: "Peek-aaaaa....YOU!!")
His statements about food are twofold: mmmm-gd, or mmmmm-bgmf-bgmf (which translates as mmmmm-delicious).  Also, he now asks to nurse by making a sort of repetitive chompfing noise (and staring at my chest or pulling at my shirt).  The other day he combined these and made the chompfing noise while declaring nursie bgmf-bgmf.   "Mmmmm-bgmf-bgmf, [chompf, chompf]."  I guess it's nice to know that he likes the milk I make for him!
He's also slept fairly decently the past few nights.  I've actually gotten perhaps 5-6 hours of barely-broken sleep several nights in a row.
Which inevitably means he's due for more teeth.


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