Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Art, Hugs, and Reinforcements

Limelet's little friend from across the street moved away only a few weeks after they met. Luckily he moved not too far away--still walkable in nice weather at least; definitely driveable. Last night he and his mother stopped by for a surprise visit. Limelet was so delighted. They stayed for a couple of hours, and the boys had snacks of cheese, candy, half a twinkie each, and milkshakes (made by TheLimey). So a lot of health food, basically. They played pirates, legos, and turned on the sprinkler much to the surprise of the parents, who were sprinkled. At the end of the visit they gave each other a fervent hug as only nearly-four-year-olds can, and then another. It was beyond adorable.
Limelet has suddenly begun making representational drawings. Where he used to ask us to draw  certain objects, he's suddenly realized that he can draw them himself. Or he'll ask us to draw one, and then copy it. So far it's mostly rockets, cannonballs, and dynamite. But this bodes very well for the whole art thing that I plan to do with him. With as little pedantry as possible, of course.
He's also taken really well to potty training now that the seal is broken, so to speak. He's started telling us when he needs to go, and then going on his own. The only thing I don't know how to deal with is how to stop giving him reinforcements after each "number 2" potty session!


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