Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time Pie

I've been feeling like I must be doing something wrong as far as time management. It seems that every day I wake up thinking, "okay, today I'll keep my goals simple--give the baby a bath, pay those bills and make that one phone call." And then I turn around and it's 5pm, and I haven't done any of it. (It really does feel like a time warp. I walk through the doorway when it's 9am and come out the other side and it's 5pm.)

So yesterday I kept track of what I was doing, when. And then put it into Excel and made a time pie chart. (Love that bar-of-pie option!) I did that when Limelet was sleeping this morning, which was an unusually long nap.

And here's what I came up with (click for larger view):

9.5 hours of nursing during waking hours! Note, that did not include the 4.25 hours of holding him while he was not nursing. No wonder the nursing alone feels like a full-time job. I wonder if this might be too much--am I allowing him to "graze" too much, and use me as a pacifier too much? But cue-feeding (as baby demands) is supposed to be much better for them, and today he seems a lot more sleepy and less...eaty.

He often seems to alternate sleepy days and eaty days. But on those eaty days, I sure end up with sore nipples. (Feels kind of like sunburn.) Maybe tomorrow I'll do a time pie of today and it'll be completely different.


Blogger changapeluda said...

Oh I remember those days with my little tittymonger! (now 17 months and weaned for 3)
Good thing you started a blog cuz now you can go back and remember how lovely this time in your lives really was.


Also I see you have Mists of Avalon on your movie fav. list.
My daughter and I watched that when she was about 10 and she kept asking "Okay, now who is the dad of her baby?"

12:58 PM  
Blogger liz said...

I think I have to watch that movie again...I've forgotten who all the dads are of whose babies myself!

8:03 AM  

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