Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is It Sarong? (Sorry) wear my baby using a simple piece of cloth?

I tried to blog this photo from Flick'r, but I think that since my free "Pro" account ran out I can't add any other blogs than those that were set up at the time.

Anyhow, it's a closer pic of the sarong sling and how comfy Limelet is in it. He went to sleep right away. He just prefers an upright posture, but still needs head support!

If I had known about the SPOC thing, I could have forborne to buy the commercial sling and gotten some used saris or shawls on eBay. Or I could have just used some cut-up bedsheets.

Except TheLimey made me throw out all my ol' unmatched but soft second-hand cotton sheets when I moved in, so now we only have the ones we actually use daily. Meaning there's just one set (that he had), and I wash them and then replace them on the bed the same day. If I say I wash them, it's because it's one of those household chores that I don't think he thinks to do unless someone actually points it out. Maybe physically, with gestures. Or threats.

Since we co-sleep, I put a waterproof mat under Limelet and me, with a receiving blanket on top of it so we won't sweat. If there are any leaks, I just toss the receiving blanket into the wash and put a clean one on. As far as leaks actually onto me, well...that just goes with the territory, right?

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