Saturday, November 18, 2006


Or Nursing At Keyboard, as often occurs, so I'm typing with one hand. This is slow.

I had a 12-minute walk, by myself, outside today. The first one since Limelet's birth, which was nearly 9 weeks ago now. Turns out the leaves are completely gone from the trees!

I've been trying to work on my dissertation today while daddy Limey takes over Limelet's care.This is very hard for me to do, because I can't help listening for him anyway. And some of the analyses I need to do are going to need a whole lot more attention than 2 spotty, interrupted hours.

Meanwhile, the sputtering and coughing of Limelet when my milk lets down is more and more clearly due to milk oversupply, especially on the right-side nursie.

Today when he pulled back from drinking, sputtering and drooling milk, several little continuous jets of milk sprayed out for a good ten seconds or so. I had to sop the milk up in the blanket until the spray calmed down to a drip so he could drink again. Poor little thing.

When he burped it sounded like he'd drunk a bottle of Coke! According to his father, anyway. (I thought beer.)


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