Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nearly 10 Weeks

Bedtime seems firmly established at about 8:30 now after less than a week. Daytime naps seem to be more predictable now, too. Counterintuitively, it does seem that better nighttime sleep really does produce better napping. While he still spends a lot of time waking up and going to sleep, it seems that the naps are consolidating into about 4 naps per day.

On the other hand, his nighttime waking has also become more predictable (3:30 am) and solid (an hour or so). Nevertheless, once he became fussy, we were able to knock him back out in only 10 or 15 minutes by playing the "magic CD" and walking him around the bedroom. Thank goodness for classical conditioning!

Some of the wonderful and fun things going on now:

He attempts to "talk" to us in the most expressive tones of babbling, especially in the morning. I think he's figured out that the noises we make are communication and he wants to participate too, but he hasn't realized the specific sounds have meaning yet. Just the fact of the voice. His little toothless grins are heart-rendingly cute, especially now that he's been able to generate them socially for a while.

I love his little tiny warm feet kneading my leg, kitten-style, as he nurses in the nighttime. It's so funny. He also asks me, in his way, to say the Lovey phrase. The Lovey phrase is just something I started saying to him during his first week of life as he nursed: "Oh, you're such a good baby, you're my little sweetie, you're my sweet little Lovey."

I would say this every time he nursed, in a singsong descending tone. By a few weeks old he would roll his eyes back and flutter his eyelids and smile when I said it--I think he began to associate it with the milk-drunk sensation. And then he started to "ask" me to say it after a few more weeks. He'll start to coo in the same singsong tone that I use, as the nursing session draws to a close, and then appears most ecstatic when I tell him about his being my sweet Lovey.

This will all be so embarrassing to him when he's 16. (I can't wait!)


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