Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shocking Nap Success!

I've been up more or less since 4am today, the time of Limelet's last nighttime feeding. Yesterday I got up at 5am. Today I'm so overtired that I'm strangely dizzy and nauseated. I had to cancel two appointments today because I don't think I should drive when I'm this dizzy. (Probably would fall asleep behind the wheel anyway, you know?)

Yesterday I googled "baby won't nap" and read a number of the 400+ (!) reader replies to one related plea on Babycenter. About two-thirds of those replies were people saying "Me too--help!" Common advice responses included "Don't worry, it'll get better when she's 8 months old," (!) "Take control, be firm, be the boss, let her cry it out," and "Get her on a nap schedule."

It's good to know that this is pretty normal for his age. I forget that after all, he's only two months old.

But after reading all those entries, I decided today that the evening sleep schedule has been working so well, that I will in fact institute a daytime schedule--flexible, of course, and there won't be a lot of crying anything out. But first I have to figure out when his normal sleeping hours are tending toward. If I first institute a standard getting-up time, I think it will help to stabilize his naptimes, too. Currently I/we get up when-the-heck-ever, kind of depending on how the night went.

The other day he actually went to sleep completely on his own when I just laid him down at a time when he was looking sleepy and rubbing his eyes. So it is possible. I guess I hit the sweet spot of just-tired-enough, not-too-tired.


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