Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sociable Baby

Limelet is beginning to show more signs of sociability.

Yesterday he laughed when I imitated this noise he makes (I call it his brachiosaur noise). Since the operative emotion in laughter is surprise, this shows he was surprised to hear a noise like that coming from me instead of my usual speaking or singing tones. Which he's also been imitating like crazy the past couple of weeks.

And today he started holding his arms in my general direction when he wanted to be picked up. It was heart-wrenchingly cute.

I finally got another ring sling on eBay as our primary one was shrunk in the dryer--without naming any names--and also any time he poops in it we are slingless for however long it takes to wash and dry it. I wish I had thought of eBay before, but then I didn't even have the baby yet, let alone know anything about what kind of sling I might want.

This new (used) eBay one is handmade, so the fabric is thinner and doesn't have certain features of the manufactured ones. I think I like it better, actually. He doesn't seem quite as scrunched. Of course, this one is a size L/XL. I can't dry it in the dryer since the rings are actually heavier. I tried to dry it and it sounded like someone was trying to break out of the dryer with a big wrench. Or spanner.

I also finally took his little footyprints today. I've been meaning to, as TheLimey has been wanting a shirt with his footprints on. Limelet didn't like the footprinting process, so I don't think we'll be doing any direct-to-shirt printing. I have to look at cafepress and see if I can do it there without the prints being teeny tiny and lost on the shirtfront.


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