Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Indeed

To the patron saint or deity of sleeping babies. I know what to be thankful about for Thanksgiving...

Tonight, 45 minutes from bath to sound asleep, despite its being a holiday and us visiting relatives. I've been boinging around the house waving my arms, exclaiming "Lookitme! My arms are baby-free!" TheLimey didn't realize, I think, that these have been my first evenings walking around since Limelet was born. "What, you didn't notice my zombie-like state?!"

Bedtime's gotten progressively faster from beginning of the routine to the sleeping. If this carries on to its logical conclusion, he'll fall asleep whenever someone runs a bath. Bath-induced narcolepsy?

He'll also probably have a Velcro phobia from that first week when he was new at getting diaper changes and was wearing disposies with those Velcro tabs. Nothing like a chilly baby wipe to shock a new baby, and he apparently associated it with that vvviiiip sound.

So much for my plan to make a Velcro hands-free nursing top to which one could simply adhere the (also Velcro-ed) baby in the desired position and go about one's tasks. It would probably be fine until he was sleeping and I had to vvviiiip him off to put him to bed, then he'd be pretty startled, which would be counterproductive.


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