Thursday, March 29, 2007


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I'm writing this on my PDA while keeping Limelet asleep by being in bed. It takes a lot to wake him if I'm here, but the slightest thing will wake him if I'm not.

He gave me quite the chomp earlier when he fell asleep nursing. Somehow even my yelp of pain failed to wake him up. Luckily so, because it's been hard to get him to sleep lately. Last night bedtime started at 6:30 and didn't end until 10:40. But I think generally his sleep cycle is returning to what it was over a month ago before all this solid-food craving and teething began. Or was it two months? Seems like years ago! Come to think of it, it was shortly after his 4-month checkup, because the pediatrician predicted upcoming sleep problems, and she was right.

It's hard(er) to do anything online anymore. I can't nurse at the keyboard like when he was tiny, and he sure won't tolerate me being on the computer (or even in the office) for more than 3 minutes when he's awake, and the 12 precious minutes of naptime I usually use for eating or going to the bathroom or even napping.

The poor critter has a cold this week--his first big immune system workout! I had been putting garlic oil in his ears at the suggestion of the pedi. She said they looked a bit irritated. Soon after that, he came down with this cold, so I bet that was the cause of the ear thing. But then, all babies get ear infections these days. Not like in my day! Anyway, garlic-ears makes for a stinky bed partner.

Mr. Garlic Ears started his swim class last weekend. I was worried about him being scared or disliking the cold water, but he loved it.

[Note: It took me an hour to write all the preceding in the dark holding my PDA up over my head to see it, but now I'm actually online for a minute or so, so I'll finish it up here where it's easier.]

So anyway, he loves the pool, but the class leader wanted the babies to blow bubbles in the water, which Jack is of course way too small to do. He just got water up his nose and cried. No more of that nonsense, says Mummy. I just want him to have fun paddling and chasing his floaty toy and looking at the other babies.

We also went to the park the other day as it was very warm. He loved seeing the other kids run around and play. He also loves going on the swing with me; it makes him laugh.

He just likes being outside generally now that he's tried it. Sometimes when I take him outside at home for a minute, he gets really frustrated and angry when we go back inside.

Well, I don't want to press my luck, so I better stop here.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Six Months Today!

A few weeks ago I remarked to my husband, "I just figured out that I spend approximately 25 hours a week just getting him to sleep."

We had just gotten to a stage in which we actually had an hour or two in the evenings during which we could actually sit down. Together. That means at the same time!

Not uninterrupted, of course, as there would be a rustling and stirring on the baby monitor after an hour, or a half hour, that I'd have to run upstairs and quell with nursing, but still. There was some sleeping, while we were awake. This went on for maybe a week.

But shortly after that remark, Limelet's teething escalated, and now I spend probably an additional 10 hours a week getting him to sleep. It's been like when he was a newborn, lately!

Some days I've only managed to eat toast and popcorn until TheLimey got home and made something else. After the four-hour bedtime-a-thon, I had maybe 15 minutes to run down and eat some of whatever it was in the middle of the night before Limelet woke up and needed me there to soothe him back to sleep again.

Luckily for both of us, he's very nice to snuggle up with at night.

I'm sucking up valuable dissertation minutes writing this. I only got to do about half an hour's work yesterday out of my allotted Saturday five hours--it took two of us to take care of him most of the day. I even resorted to baby Tylenol during the day--twice! TheLimey appeared ragged and spent after carrying him around just for a couple of hours.

Nevertheless, I do want to update a little bit.

The teething is not fun (for me) when it comes to nursing, though usually Limelet only bites by accident, a little bit. If he's upset and crying, he often can't help biting because his tongue isn't in the right place for nursing. This has led to some pretty vicious circles involving me being bitten and him being scared by my reaction and then crying worse. Sometimes he bites in his sleep, but so far only a couple of times.

Lately he's been getting his bath in the big-people tub, as he's outgrown the little tiny countertop one. At first I was worried that his new nighttime crying was because of this change in ritual, but it seems that the crying is not about the bath. It seems more about teething, being cranky in general, and being tired, all of which feed on each other and create hysteria about any little thing.

If we can manage to keep things flowing and low key, he's actually content to lie back in the big-people bath on his bath pad and be bathed. It's easier having the bath and bed on the same floor and not having to carry stuff down to the kitchen and back up again--though it's not as cute as bathing in the tiny tub, of course.

Limelet seems to have conflated the milk sign with the up sign, which is understandable since he usually nurses in his wrap. So either one gets me to pick him up. Plus I realized that TheLimey makes a come here sign with both hands when he's about to carry Limelet--it looks like a two-handed milk sign. (Double nursie!) No wonder Limelet is convinced that Daddy can nurse him and just won't. I'm trying to clarify up and milk, and I've added toilet and food.

He's developed a tiny spot of eczema on his chest. Although I staggered his food introduction, I'm not really sure which thing it might be from. I'll wait a few days and see if it goes away. The eczema on his forehead has been gone for a while now, though he still scratches there when he's tired. Maybe the fish-oil capsules have helped. (His pediatrician recommended I try taking them myself to help his skin.)

His most recent food was avocado, which he likes. Really, he likes everything so far. The little green strawberry bowl is now the avocado bowl, as that's something that doesn't need microwaving to thaw it out. He seems to enjoy eating solid food, and when in the mood he can polish off three ice cubes' worth of whatever.

Limelet is about 17.5 pounds now. He doesn't turn over very often, partly because he hates being put down long enough for him to learn how. We had a couple of nice days here, and he loved being outside, though he's still unsure about the whole jogging-stroller thing. He likes grabbing tree-branches and twigs, and loves when people talk to him.

He's also discovered that whatever our hands can do, his can do, too. Maybe the signing did it. But he loves to pound on the computer keyboard now! Here, I'll let you write it in his own words, while Daddy's in the laundry:

b bcbfvfvt fg4e
h xhf f 67jnb

There--clear as a bell!

I've been reading up about vaccinations (while carrying him around or putting him to sleep, of course) and I'm now more confused than ever. I don't want to give him autism through having to get twenty frickin' vaccination injections in his first year (or whatever the normal course of vax is), but I also don't want him to end up sterile through getting mumps or something either. I have to figure it out, quickly.

I keep thinking of things I want to write in here, but I never have time to sit down and write them, so now I can't remember what they were. Maybe I can use the PDA-notes method again sometime. It's just so hard writing on that thing in the dark, lying down, in bed. While nursing.

We have the (potluck) reunion for our Bradley birthing class today, so I made some food and took a shower, therefore also sucking up dissertation time. So now I really have to get to work while I have a chance.

Friday, March 09, 2007

No Time for Blogging!

Teething: two teeth on bottom. Little sleep, and disjointed at that.

New sign: milk. Definitely made the sign clearly today; thought I saw it earlier, now I know for sure! So funny, and cute.

Seven months--ha! How about five!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

First Tooth!

I think it came yesterday: I thought I heard a scraping or klonking when he was chewing on something.

And then today it registered that the sound meant there was something hard in there. A quick finger-chew revealed a bottom tooth! (But he won't let me look at it.)

So all this crankiness lately really has been towards an end. Poor little crankitor.

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